YouTube Beta Version

YouTube Beta Version – We all are aware of what YouTube is and how many different videos are available on YouTube. YouTube has created a better and new version to help the YouTube’s. In short we can say that it is the new home for creators. The name of this version is “YouTube Studio Beta” or just “YouTube Beta”.

YouTube Beta version is easier to use and have lots of better features (which we’ll discuss later) which will help the video creators to manage their channel in a smart way. YouTube Studio Beta is replacing Creator Studio and brings with it many changes and new features. 

YouTube Beta Version

YouTube Beta version has got new design which means YouTube can build creator features more easily and reliably. In this version you can perform top creator task in fewer click and tools are quicker to respond. 

Other than the new design, YouTube Beta has new tools for finding data and insights of your channel’s performance. 

YouTube Beta has a “smart” inbox which organised the comments by topics. Nice, right? Now you can filter all your comments.

The new YouTube Analytics design shows the clear overview from your channel of each specific video as a whole. It is present in the left menu. It has got many features new metrics, like impressions, impressions click-through rate, and unique viewers.

YouTube has added another feature to YouTube Beta where you can compare the performance of your latest video with the previous one. This feature is known as Video Snapshots. Proactive insights give you quick info on your performance and save your time.