What is SEO in Marketing

What is SEO in MarketingSEO is the main part of any website so you have understood it in my article on SEO. Now it’s time for SEO marketing.

We all know digital marketing is one of the hottest industries we have to listen in the world nowadays. SEO is part of digital marketing.

We do SEO to make our website to top rank on search engines or to get more users to the website via online platforms. Effective marketing demands it.

What is SEO in Marketing

We have to use different tools for doing SEO for a website. When you are doing any type of business online so without SEO it’s dead & you will not get the response, So do the SEO in regularly way.

When doing SEO marketing you have considered these following points:

Who are your Targeted Customers: We must target the users that are searching for a product or service If we are getting the traffic but not getting the sales, we must look at what market is searching for? How are they performing web searches? Where are they located? 

We have to use Google Analytics to start your investigations. 

  1. People are more searching on mobile devices: You have to optimize the website for the mobiles also as searching mobile devices has been on top of the level. 

For checking the website you can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test by entering the URL of your website.

  1. There are so many search engines: When we talk about the search engine we are knowing we are looking for google, Being the top search engine, We have to do this by making the rules by doing it.
  2. What people are searching for: We have to make the content for the users with rules followed for search engine. 

These all will help you know the basics of SEO marketing. If you have any inquiry just comment below we will try to solve that as early as possible & If you think it is good please share with others so that they benefit, I use simple language so it is easy to understand by the users so users can use it on their platforms.