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Social Media Demographics – Social media is every millennials’ best friend and every youngster’s bae. In the world of networking and the internet, social media acts like a personal PR team. Social media is the easiest way to reach millions of people in just a few seconds. It makes selling, buying, and persuading easier and quicker. But how do you sell or buy something if you don’t know about it? The brand name does it.

A brand is much more than a name; it is quality assurance. A good brand comes with good quality and a warranty. People go after expensive brands; not only because of the class notion attached to it but also to ensure the quality of the product.

A brand is not enough; you have to reach out to people. A brand is not just a name. A name becomes a brand, gradually and eventually. It needs to build with trust, quality, and demand. Increasing the demand for your product in the market is a strategic step. It helps that social media acts as a free platform to promote your business or product.

Statistically, it is seen that 71 percent of brands invest in social media. Investments are long term plans. Social media promotions assure that the brand reaches maximum people. Brand reputation can be worked on via social medium.

Social media demographics is art. Every social media platform is different; they come in different sizes, different formats, and different viewers. This makes social media marketing a little complicated. It is crucial to understand which platform will be suitable for your brand. Business is all about the target audience; the right social media platform will get you the right audience for your brand. Every social media platform requires an understanding of its format.

For instance, promotion on Instagram would mean an emphasis on graphics, photography, and catchy captions. When it comes to Twitter, it’s all about what’s trending; and the hashtags. When it comes to wordpress lms, it’s all about creativity.

Let’s now see each of these social media platforms closely:

  1. Facebook: Welcome to the world of possibilities. Facebook has, perhaps, the most number of users when it comes to social media. The advantage here is that Facebook has diverse viewers. People between the ages of 15 years to 65 years use this platform. It is not difficult to find your target audience on a platform when 68% of adults are using this platform.
Social Media Demographics to drive online presence of brand 1



  1. Instagram: Everything is instant here. Instagram assures younger demography than Facebook. This platform ensures that your brand is connected to other similar brands via the popular hashtags. This Facebook-owned platform assures that your brand reaches the millennials. With the recent updates like the IGTV and stories, this platform’s popularity is an ever growing phenomenon. This platform has exceptionally high daily users.

Almost 500 million people log into this platform every day. Insta Stories is a story in itself. Alone the Stories feature 400 million active users on a daily basis. Instagram is the younger population’s hub. 72% of the total users belong to the group of youngsters belonging to the age group of 13-17 years.  

The next age group with a considerably high demographic is 18-29; this age group is the target audience for the online shopping world. Statistically, it is seen that Instagram is more popular among women than men.

Social Media Demographics to drive online presence of brand 2



  1. Twitter: Fly high with the bird. This platform is phenomenal for customer services. Used by celebrities to be in touch with the fan base; by clothing lines to promote their new launches; by regular people to voice their opinions; this platform is versatile and trending. Twitter is a much more sophisticated platform. It is less of an entertainment and more of an awareness platform.

Famous movements like #metoo, #BlackLivesMatter, and many more found their voice on this platform. Twitter has helped people to reach millions in just a few seconds. This is the platform that will ensure the exposure of your brand. The right hashtags and proper utilization of the domain will let the world see the true aspect of your brand.

Social Media Demographics to drive online presence of brand 3



  1. LinkedIn: Stay linked with the world of profession. This is everyone’s choice when it comes to social media marketing. This platform connects the users to the other professionals. It has a young viewership. 29 percent of the total LinkedIn user belongs to the age group of 18-29 years. Men and women use LinkedIn equally.

Social Media Demographics to drive online presence of brand 4



  1. Pinterest: Paint your brand as you like it. This is the world of visual search engines. This platform has given the DIY world a new face. Pinterest has more than 250 million monthly active users. This has given online shopping a new identity. Viewers often purchase items after seeing the same on Pinterest. This shows how this platform acts as a support system for online businesses.

The maximum number of users of this platform belongs to the age group of 18-49 years. Social media means shareable content; your content should be appealing enough to be shared by your viewers. That is how the whole trending works.

The pictures you share should support your brand and build your brand name. You can engage in clickbait strategy; you can make unique content; images work better than long paragraphs; tap on contents and ideas that are in vogue.

Making your content rich, undoubtedly, will gain attention. But exposure is important, and exposure is given by the social medium. It is free, easy, and vast. The prospect is wide and accurate.