Paid Search Marketing is completely driven by google

Paid Search Marketing is completely driven by Google – Is there is another platform apart from Google for Paid Marketing? I am sure you guys also want to know what exactly this paid search marketing is all about!

Let’s start from the beginning when there were no search engines and companies like Yahoo was indexing the websites manually. But this process was futile and many times search engine result pages ( SERP’s) used to give irrelevant data to the queries put in search engines.

Paid Search Marketing is completely driven by Google

And to find the solution of all this SERP’s issue. There is birth of Google Adword programs, bidding based, Pay per click model of paid search marketing.Hence , one can conclude that Paid search marketing is about bidding and buying relevant keywords.

Initially Paid search marketing is about bidding and buying relevant keywords in which website having the highest bid were given higher ranking by Google. But as the times passes by the quality of content of Ads start degrading irrespective of their Bidding amounts. This ultimately leads to a decrease in Pay per click.

In 2004, Google introduced the Quality score, which means irrespective of your bidding amount if your Ad/content regarding your product/website doesn’t have the required Quality score you will not be ranked by Google. It’s like greater will be the quality score, higher you will be ranked by Google in search engine pages.

So, the conclusion for Paid search marketing is about bidding and buying relevant keywords, says that apart from bidding amount the quality scores also matters.

Paid Search Marketing is completely driven by Google

Also Paid search marketing is about bidding and buying relevant keywords is the major source revenue for search engines. Google generates around $22 billion through worldwide paid advertising.

Hence, Paid search Marketing is completely driven by Google and now Google has improvised their algorithms with various extension like Social Adwords etc.

Now the question arises, what exactly is this Social Adwords ? What is the procedure for Social Adword Login?

Social Adwords

As I always say start with the beginning, Social Adwords is the new extension of Google Adwords. All of you know about Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. These social media platforms are crowded with a variety of content irrespective of whether it is relevant or Irrelevant.

Social Adwords helps you to identify the most search keywords regarding your Ads used at various social platforms.

Once you have identified the relevant keywords based on search volume. It becomes easy to segment your target customers on the basis of demographic segmentation.

Social Adwords ease the targeting section of marketing, and indirectly increase our brand visibility, Brand Awareness among your targeted Audience.

Social Adword

The major problem that we used to face was of multiple logins. To access the various Google Adword account, you need to have multiple email Logins.

In coming time Google will introduce Manage Adwords options in Social Adwords login from where you can access you multiple accounts linked through a single login.

But with Social Adwords Login this problems has been resolved.You can access five Adwords accounts using Social Adwords login .
Paid Search Marketing is completely driven by google and hence using these tools one can easily increase the visibility and Pay per click on ads.