Google Search by Image

Google Search by Image – you must have thought sometimes that we search on google mostly by typing, generally we type the keyword whose information we want to know and we get the information but google also provides us the feature of searching by image rather than searching by text.

You can simply use this feature by following steps:-

1.Open your web browser – Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

2.Type Google or Google Images in the address field

3.You will land on the the Google search bar page

4.Type the word or phrase (keyword) into the search bar if you are willing to find the related images.

5.Click on the Camera icon on the right side of the search bar

6.Type the word or phrase (keyword) into the search bar if you are willing to find the related images

7.Press the Enter key

8.Here you can paste the image URL (image’s web address) or upload the image from your hard disc

9.You will immediately get the search results

You will find many platform more which used to do this like they provide you an image tab which will work as an search tab for you, you just have to upload your image via clicking on that upload image content and then find out the search by it.

Google Search by Image

You can also  try it using which allows you to upload photos and tries to look for similar photos around the web and will show its result related files. There are no file limits and Google is the biggest search engine in the world. So the chances of you getting a match are high.

Google Search by Image

On the other hand Bing has image match as well 

While Others search engines include:

Tin Eye –

Yandex –