Google reverse image search

Google reverse image search – Reverse image search is a tool to which displays visually similar images quickly. We can search different images on Google and there are different photo search tools for the same work. It is nothing but searching images which are available on web which are similar on other websites and also searches different sizes of the same image instantly.

Google reverse image search

Most of the Journalists use this feature to find the original source of the image or to know the exact date/time on which it was published on the internet.

Photographers use this tool to protect their asset that no one else is using their image illegally.

Google search by image is only available on desktops and not on mobile phones or tablets. Thus, if you want to search the image from your mobile phones then firstly you have to transfer the image on your PC or desktop and the search it (very tedious).

Hence, to reduce this work you just need to go to on your mobile phones, click the “Upload Image” button and choose an image from your phone’s gallery. Then click “Show Matching Images” and it will show your Google’s image database and will show visually similar photos.