Google Digital Unlocked

Google Digital Unlocked – With technology evolving every day, the means to communicate with the world is becoming easier. Also day today we are coming up with new products into the market which ought to be sold on a global level and that where Digital Marketing plays its part.

To know about marketing online is a talent every entrepreneur must know. To start a market online you must know coding to some extent. But there must be a way to learn all this and to help you out with this Google came up with Google Digital Unlock.

Google Digital Unlocked the best place to learn the art of marketing. Google Digital Unlocked is a part of Google’s Digital Garage, an initiative taken by Google to help out small businesses to grow their business online.

Google Digital Unlocked

Free online courses which you can do at your own time, at a flexible pace, with personalized modules designed to help you grow your business and technical skills. Make strategies that suit your budget, get new insights on new technology and development into the digital ecosystem or choose to enter the world of computer science.

The site also goes by the name of learn digital. You can explore and find the course that you’d like to take, this site has courses on how websites work, building a strong business strategy, effectively managing your time, fundamentals of digital marketing and many more exciting topics. Not only that it has topics related to Data and Technology that includes coding, machine learning, Elements of AI, Graphic Design, Cloud computing, Basics of Python, etc. 

While doing these courses you’ll be given tasks and MCQs to check how well you’re doing. You can also track your performance. This site not only provides free courses but also their free certificates to a few of these courses. For Indian students, Google has partnered up with the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

Google Digital Unlocked

Courses are very well structured for people who don’t have enough time with 5-6 minutes short videos with detailed and on-point information. You earn several badges will doing the course that keeps you motivated. At the end of the course, you’ll have to take a test based on what you have learned from the course If you pass the test you’ll be given a downloadable pdf of the certificate you worked so hard for.

These courses are so nicely oriented that they can be recommended to everyone students, entrepreneurs, and businessmen to learn digital marketing.