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What is digital marketing One way to reach your product on internet is to use the logo in the global market, in which you can globally promote your business or brand through digital equipment such as mobile & computer using internet.

What is digital marketing

1-Display Advertising

In this type of advertise, we make small video like 10-20 second video or gif image or we can make banner ads by advertising our business and product & highlight it.

2- Blogging Ads

Once the product ad comes to a blog which is related to your keyword of that blog post, or the user’s interest from the website.

What is digital marketing

3-Text Ads

When text or video is use for displayed only on a blog or you website, then this is called text ads.

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4- SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is called SEO only in shortcode. If you have a blog or website or an ecommerce website, then what method you use to bring it to the first page of serp (search engine result page) is called SEO. For blog or ecommerce website, traffic is a big source of search engine. It is currently of two types. on page seo and second off page seo.

What is digital marketing pixel follow

5- Sponsored Search

If you search for a website in a search engine, then the other website related to that website appears above the serp’s first result, in which the ad is written in one corner. The advertisement written in the advertisement is a sponsored serach product.

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6- Social media marketing

When you use a social media such as Facebook, twitter linkedIn, Instagram, you will see that some user friendly advertisements show on the timeline. Which is displays on the user browsing cache & search history If you advertise through social media, you can set gender and age to help you with it.

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