Social Media | Website | SEO | Google Ad words

Social Media | Website | SEO | Google Ad words are the part of digital marketing. Organic search and paid marketing is the second part after that. Here we explain all the part of digital marketing including seo, social media, paid marketing (Social ad words and Google ad words).

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Social Media | Website | SEO | Google Ad words

Today all big brand and small business and also we can say that start-up. First off all bay a domain and hosting and live your website on internet. Website is collection of multiple web pages.

Social Media

On Page SEO

Once your website is live then start on page seo. One page seo includes website speed, website size and all the HTML tags according to search engine. In one page seo all the change in your website. Now your website on page seo is complete according to search engines.

Off Page SEO

After that you start the off page seo. Off page seo is called the links building. In off page seo you can words on another website for your website ranking. Create the SBM and Social account and create the incoming links for your website and increase traffic, DA and PA of your website.

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Social Media

Social Media is a very good platforms for increase your visibility and traffic also. Facebook, twitter, Linkdin and instagram is the most common social media website. Everyone can create the social accounts and also easily use these accounts.

SEO is the base of very website without seo you can rank your website and keywords and traffic also. Focus on On page and Off page seo once your website in live.

Google Ad Words

Google Ad words is also known as paid marketing. Paid marketing are divides into two parts one is Social media ad words and second is for search engines. SMM is use for social media marketing and SEM is use for Search engine marketing.

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