SEO and Digital Marketing main changes in 2018 by Google – Pixel Follow

2018 was an exciting year in SEO and Digital Marketing in this year number of large Google search algorithm updates, big changes within Google management team, mobile first indexing & all the changes with in Google Search Console. In addition, Google local and Google My Business related changes were very active this year (2018).

Google search ranking & algorithm updates –

Speed Update.

In January 2018 Google updates the page speed and website speed also. Page speed and website speed make your website easily to use.

Google updates

Mobile-first indexing

In 2016, Google began its mobile first indexing experiment for mobile view. In short, Google wanted to start now crawling & indexing the mobile and desktop also.

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SEO changes in 2018

Structured data. The overall theme with SEO and digital marketing in this year, specific to Google, was probably around how much emphasis Google has put towards the structured data and schema also.

Google Search Console and other tools

Google Search Console. 2018 is a very busy year for the Google Search Console team, with giving access old to the new Google Search Console to everyone.

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Mobile search & voice assistants

Voice assistants is also come in 2018. Now How Google responds to someone asking “Okay Google, tell me about abc,” is something at the top of mind of many SEOs.


On the AMP end, Google has released developer preview of showing the publisher URLs in search bar and also not the Google AMP cache URL. Google launched AMP stories in 2018 for search, and lots of other AMP related features.

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