Prepare yourself for the next wave of search – Voice Search

The way of searching information online is on the verge of a Ruffle . The Voice Search recognition market will hit $650 million industry by 2020.

It’s moving away from the elementary contextual search and heading closer towards the intimidating Voice Search. Yes, Voice search is definitely the way ahead.  Almost every mobile device is now offering Voice search assistance, and it’s true that people like its usability.

By 2021, 65% of Mobile searches will be a voice search. Learn how SEO is changing, & check out how to optimize for voice search result for Search Engine ranking.

Prepare yourself for the next wave of search – Voice Search

Voice Search assistance isn’t just restricted to mobile devices. Even PC’ s offers you voice search support. Windows based devices have Cortana as the Voice Search Assistant and Apple has it’s extraordinary Siri at your service. As for Android powered devices, there’s Google Voice Searchs assistant.

Case in point, Voice Search’s has a tremendous scope across a plethora of devices there are definitely a lot more to come in 2019.

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As time progresses, the functionality of Internet also evolves into something indispensable. It is approaching the threshold of cutting edge innovative technology. Best examples are Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. And Voice Searchs is an integral part of both these applications.

Imagine how easy web operations would become if your voice becomes the command that the machine follows (just like another human would communicate with you).

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From buttons, to touch, to voice… seems like some journey, doesn’t it?

All the desired results, just a voice searchs away, surely sounds great from a business’s perspective. Voice Search promises to redefine interactivity with a machine and elements from AI, robotics and machine learning are coming together to secure a tech driven future.

Applications focussed on Voice Searchs

There are some exemplary applications in the market that are famous for their voice search capabilities. For instance, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant. Here are some insights about these Voice Searchs applications based on information gathered from trusted sources from the web.

1) Fascinating as it is, almost 60 % of major web searches are mobile based.  And lately, every Smart mobile device, irrespective of its OS is offering Voice searchs assistance. Let’s face it, Voice Search is trending already and is paving the way to a new world of search.
2) Voice Search is rapidly gaining market share.  As per 2016 Internet Trends Report, 1 in 10 queries come in speech for Baidu.
3) 25 % of the searches performed on windows taskbar is done using Bing Voice Assistant- Cortana.
4) 1 Billion request per week is the number of queries Siri takes each week.
5) As for Android powered devices, 1 out of 5 searches on Mobile in the USA is voice search.
6) Chief Scientist of Baidu, Andrew Ng predicts that by 2020, 50 % of all the searches will be either image or speech.

Take our SEO services for the best Voice Search Optimization results.

We at PRODIGI understand what is required to optimize Voice search. Our expert panel of SEO practitioners understand what’s best when it comes to optimizing the voice search results across different platforms.  We understand the importance of long tail keywords, conversational keywords with question words. And we know how to use it for the better good.

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Our expertise in Voice Search Optimization is in lieu with a thorough analysis of data gathered from extensive market research. As per our study, we figured that out of the total web searches in a year, almost 25 % of it seek local content. This clearly indicates that there is a possible scope for some quality Local Search Engine Optimization.

We follow a metric that allows us to learn of the intent of a voice searcher.  This way we are able to churn better content that answers the highest-valued questions and optimize them effectively.

Brief overview of SEO services offered by PRODIGI

Taking our SEO Services, our clients rest assured of stronger web presence, irrespective of the different mediums that can be optimized. We as SEO service providers, consistently develop SEO strategies that can resonate visible up-gradation in the rankings of a website undergoing the process.

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Here’s a list of our Search Engine Optimization Metrics

  • Build quality backlinks with the help of natural content marketing
  • Monitor links from competitors sites
  • Work on Web 2.0 platforms like blogger, WordPress, Tumblr to promote quality content
  • Video optimizations and slide sharing
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Social branding through Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and other major social media channels
  • Optimize website content and information structure
  • Analyze a website’s page links and navigation architecture
  • Manage meta tagging and on-page content
  • Page layout analysis and moderation
  • Analyze web presence on search engines via link popularity
  • In-depth insight and analysis of competitor’s’ off-page strategy

Here’s our Voice Search Optimization metrics

    1. Schema Markup
      Perform data markup for the blog pages, articles, products, ratings, address and reviews of a website.
    2. Optimize mobile search
      Optimize the mobile site content and update the long tail keywords. We identify and resolve all possible structural error with the help of tools offered by Google.
    3. Pay special attention to content and ensure to optimize all assets for long tails keywords.
    4. Optimize websites for other search engines apart from Google. Primarily – Bing
    5. Optimize and review local search results
    6. Focus on harvesting more positive reviews

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