Increase your page speed in word press

Page speed is the most important part in digital marketing and web. Increase your page speed in word press by using some simple follow steps. Loading time is the most common factor in ranking and traffic. Website loading time helps in ranking and easily get the traffic.


HTTPS is the best ranking factor when you start your website live on net. HTTPS helps in ranking and make secure your website.

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All the images are must be used with less size and also compress all images of the website. Image have must be alt tag also, alt tag helps in image ranking and easily read by search engine.

Increase your Page Speed in Word Press

Increase your page speed in word press

Compressing and resizing. 

All the images are compress and resize because large size images are take more size and increase the website loading time.

Browser caching

Caching is also a big issue in website performance and loading time or page speed also. Browser cache you can remove with the help of word press plugin like wp super cache and wp total cache plugin.

Reduce server response time

One of the most important issues is server response time. By using W3 Total Cache you can control your server response time. Server response time, website and web page speed and also web page and website size matter in ranking your website.

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Website loading time must be less 5 seconds and other words website size should be less than 3MB. You can control your website loading time and size also this will be help you in ranking and traffic also.

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