Google internal SEO strategy | Make small changes | embrace change.

Google internal SEO strategy – Sean O’Keefe, a great data scientist at Google, on Thursday shared how Google thinks about internal SEO efforts for the 8,000 websites they manage. O’Keefe said Google makes on average over 210 changes to these sites on daily basis & managing the SEO for those changes can be the complex.

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Small changes make a big impact on website. Google’s first point is that often with the large sites, making small changes can make a big impact & return when it comes to search ranking. Google plotted the growth of one of the 8,000 websites, the Google Business marketing site, showing how adding canonicals tag, hreflang to their XML sitemaps, and improving their metadata for all resulted in gains in their organic traffic in search engine.

Google internal SEO strategyGoogle internal SEO strategy

Embrace change. Google also recommended that the Google webmasters do not fear making changes for sites. Google gave AMP, for Google-backed projects, as below two examples of changes Google embraces.

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Google said they that we found that the more we embrace them “change” & experiment with them, the better our SEO results in Search Engine. Google said they fix Google Search Console errors, implemented structured data, added AMP into site, it helped impressions increase by 210 percent. They also improved content quality on your website.

Consolidation. Duplicate content confusing for users and also confusing for search engines, Google said. Google added, creating one great site instead for multiple microsites the best way to encourage organic growth over time.

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In normal case study Google provided this, they took five old websites & consolidated the content into these websites. After that they made a great website & it lead to them doubling the site’s call to action and also click through rate & increased organic traffic by 64% on the particular website.

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