App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization – We all go through many different apps on our mobile phones. If we want to purchase product or services we go through that app & search the product & purchase it through the app. We sometimes go to APP store search the services & install that app & use it. 

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization refers to the app we made on our store come on topper so users can use it. We have to optimize the app for it. Basically the more users see the app & chances of getting more installed app & getting more users will help to increase the sales & it will increase more income.

The motive of App store optimization to give more traffic to our app. As we all know Keywords play an important role in any app or website to get ranked, We have to take care of Keywords on which the user is searching so App store will rank on that keywords.

Around 70% of apps are discovered through searches as in research called. So if we are not doing ASO then we are losing more users. All businesses want to top the list from another customer but they are not investing in app search optimization. If you do it on a regular basis it will hit the market & you will get good response. 

Now what are the major factors affecting the app search optimization that are:

  1. Title: You must make a title that contains keywords as these keywords are read by the search engine so it will rank easily on top. Different keywords in the title will get you to a higher position.
  2. Keywords: Keywords play an important role in any website or app to rank. You have to compare the keywords every week. When taking the keyword take keywords less competitive so it is easy to rank on this.
  3. Reviews: Reviews are also the most important part as good reviews will increase your rating and more users will come, your product will hit the app store.
  4. App search optimization will take time & when the result starting to flow it will provide you with a good response so do it regularly.

Also, go through the website regularly latest updates.

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